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Personal Financial Planning

Business Assurance

Group Benefits

Private Stock Broking

Medical Aid

Estate Planning

Buy and Sell:

Is it the intention of the business owners to bequeath all of their business interest in terms of their Wills, or are all the business owners’ entities that enjoy perpetual succession, or is the business a public company and therefore they have no need for a buy and sell?

In case of the death or disablement of one of the business owners, do the remaining business owners have the means or funding to purchase that person’s interest?

Key person:

Does the business have in its employ someone who is fundamental to the running of the business and without whom, in the event of death or disability, the business would suffer a financial loss?

Personal Liability:

Is there an existing key person assurance in place and is the funding sufficient to meet the need?

Have personal sureties or guarantees been signed by the business owners or directors in respect of the business?

Future Liability:

Does the business have any future plans, or assets, or equipment that will need to be replaced in the future for which it will require funding?

Business Investment:

Does the business have additional cash or cash reserves which could be invested in order to grow the capital?

Preferred Compensation:

Does the business have in its employ highly skilled employees who as a result of their skills are also highly mobile, and would the business like to retain these employees in employment for a reasonable period of time?